3rd & 4th Class

Welcome to the 3rd and 4th Class Blog! We really hope you will enjoy reading about all of the things we are doing in school. Our teacher’s name is Ms. McCrea and there are 23 children in our class. We love doing art and have already made, clay creatures, hallowe’en collages, scary masks, magazine pictures, name art and origami. Our next art projects will be desk tidies and coloured sand jars and of course, Christmas Art.


‘Tie ‘n’ Dye’

We did ‘Tie ‘n’ Dye’ for Art. First, we tied our t-shirts with elastic bands and then our teacher dyed them in her washing machine. Our t-shirts looks really cool and we will be wearing them on our school tour to Clara Lara.


21/03/2017   Sow and Grow Update

We have loved looking after our seeds and watching them grow.  The cress seeds were the fastest to grow. Rían and Eoin were the ‘Star Growers of the Week’!




15/03/17     Sow and Grow

We are taking part in the Innocent ‘Sow and Grow’.  We planted cress seeds, runner beans and baby carrots. We water them every day after big break. We are looking forward to seeing them grow and tasting them!


Art Stations

We did Art Stations for Still Life drawing. It was great fun and our pictures were very life-like.


Recount Writing

We did Recount Writing about our Christmas holidays. We are very good at writing and always try to use our ‘Recount Checklist’.




Christmas Cards

We made new Christmas cards out of old cards. We also made very special Rudolph cards with noses that light up. Thank you to Edel Moran for coming in and showing us how to make them.


09/12/2016     We love Maths Stations!


02/12/2016  Christmas Baubles!!

We painted these beautiful Christmas baubles to decorate our school Christmas tree.


Some children made a nice colourful pattern and others painted a Christmas picture on them. We were so happy with the way they turned out and they look amazing on the tree.


Be sure to check them out when you are passing through the hall next!

23/11/2016   Look at our desk tidies! 



We had great fun making desk tidies with lollipop sticks. We decorated them with stickers. Our desks will never be untidy again!!


11/11/2016    Cooperative Learning

Our class are reading Roald Dahl novels in our cooperative learning groups. We encourage each other to read in a clear voice and at a steady pace. We try to pause in the correct places and convey emotion when we are reading aloud to the group. We are really enjoying reading in small groups.



08/11/2016     Assembly

We will be hosting assembly this week. The theme of our assembly is friendship. We have made a list of what it means to be a good friend. We also wrote friendship poems and stories. We will be doing role plays during assembly to show everybody how to be a good friend. We will also sing the song ‘Circle of Friends’. We are very excited about hosting assembly!

Maths Week

We had so much fun during Maths Week Ireland. Below are some of the children who won the daily challenge. We had so much fun trying to solve the challenges set every day.



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