3rd & 4th Class Work

What is Yellow?

The sun is Yellow and lemons too.

So are the Simpsons and butter

What is Yellow

Bananas, lemsip and the sun.

Yellow makes me feel happy and Alive.

By Niall Power


What is Blue?

What is Blue

The sky is blue and

The sea is Blue

These are a few

Of my favourite things

Blue popped petals

So are my eyes in

Bright summer day

Blue is the colour of

Really sweet ice

Ice is Blue

Water is blue just like

The tears we wipe away

By Jessica Doran



A pretty garden

A peaceful, pretty garden

A flower filled, peaceful, pretty, garden

A neat, flower filled, peaceful, pretty, garden

A humming, neat, flower filled, peaceful, pretty, garden

A humming, neat, flower filled, peaceful, pretty, garden.

My dream garden

By Rebecca Fanning



Swimming pool Hotel

Surfboarding, sandboarding, beach

Soccer, Fizzy drinks

Surfing in the sea

In the lovely summer days

No more school today!

By Abi Murphy


What is Yellow?

Yellow is the colour of the sun

It makes me feel like having fun

The Simpsons and Minions

It makes me feel warm

Mustard is yellow

And so are chips

It reminds me of fire

By Luke O’Rourke


Hot Air Balloons

I will write about hot air balloons.

Hot air balloons are the oldest flying machines. They were invented by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783.

A hot air balloon has three main parts. A bag called the envelope, it is made from nylon, a burner and a basket.

While unmanned balloons have been around in some form for thousands of years, the first untethered flight with people on board was in 1782.

The first hot air balloon was made in 1783 in France.

Hot air balloons can fly at amazing heights. The world record is over 21,000 metres.

Hot air ballooning is a very enjoyable experience and is an exciting way to view our wonderful world from above.

The top of the balloon usually has a vent which allows the pilot to control the speed of ascent/descent along with the burner.

By Emma Flynn Doyle Feb 2015

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