3rd & 4th Trips

Wetlands Field Study

The Raven

Curracloe NSOn Thursday I went to the Raven with my friends. We went pond dipping. We caught loads of different little creatures. We had to share the net. We learned a lot about bugs. Then we had our break. After the break we went into the forest. The man told us a lot about squirrels. Squirrels eat pinecones. There is a seed inside it which is really yummy for the squirrels. At last but not least we went bug hunting. I caught a ladybird. Then everybody sat on a tree and got a photo. After that we have one more break. I was playing on a tree. Then everybody went to the beach and got shells. After that we went back to school. My favourite part was the pond dipping.

Jolie Keville 09.10.2014

The Woods

Curracloe NSOn Thursday 9th October our class all went to the Raven and when we got there we went pond dipping. We caught a lot of fish and it was so much fun. After pond dipping we went for a little lunch. Next we went on a walk through the woods and then we stopped at a tree and the man that was guiding us told us that the red squirrels were very small and fast and the grey squirrel was big and slow and squirrels love pinecones and a squirrel need a lot of space. The man said the grey squirrel’s enemy is the pinemarten and the incisors keep growing. Then we went to the beach and we got to have some fun and we got this net and we went in the high grass and we found a hairy molly. Next we got a spider. It looked weird and we had to suck it up in a pooter and it had two tubes, one green and one clear. Later on we had lunch and played catch and we climbed up the tree. Eventually we went to the beach for a walk and we found a jelly fish and Luke jumped on it and then we went on walking. We finally got to the walkway and it was so hard to get up it because it was soft sand. Eventually we got to the cars and Mick Garry took Grace, Tom, Daniel and me back to school.

The End.
Jessica Doran 09.10.2014

School Tour June 2015

Tour comprised a river cruise on The Galley, followed by visit to Dunbrody Famine Ship and day finished off with ramble around Dunbrody Abbey maze.

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