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This year St. Margaret’s N.S, Curracloe is in the process of applying for an Active Flag. We have carried out surveys identifying our strengths and areas needing improving in terms of how active we are as a school community. By the end of the process, we hope to be celebrating by officially becoming an Active School and receiving our very first Active Flag. In this section of the website, you will find information on everything relating to our journey towards achieving this. 

Check out our fun journey so far here.


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Fun Run/ Walk 2018


There was a fantastic buzz around Curracloe Village on Sunday 25th of February for our 5k fun run/ walk fundraiser. Thank you so much to Esther who organised a wonderful day. There were runners and walkers from far and wide who came to participate. A huge congratulations to all of the staff, parents and children from our school who participated. A special thank you to everyone who made donations and a huge thank you Ramen who were our main sponsors.

Well done teachers and especially Ms. Hilliard who won the teachers section of the event.

Well done to everyone who participated and especially to the winners on the day!


12/03/2018      Play Leaders

Congratulations to our new group of play leaders who have received their first training session and are ready to begin sharing their love of games and activity with the younger children in the school during break times.

11/12/2017  Run Around Europe Update

We are all enjoying participating in our ‘Run Around Europe’ Challenge.  We are well on our way to our second European City. We have already reached London!! Well done all.


Run Around Europe Challenge

The children here in St. Maragret’s National School will be taking part in our latest Active Flag challenge, ‘Run Around Europe’. Each lap completed will equal one km and we have a map to chart our progress and the distance to each European city. We are really looking forward to working together, in order to complete this challenge, while getting fit and active along the way.

Halloween Sponsored Walk

We recently held a Sponsored Walk around our village. It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed it so much! We all dressed up in our Halloween costumes and this made our walk even more interesting. A massive well done to all of the boys and girls on how safely they walked around the village and how well the older children looked after their ‘walking buddies’. The walk raised a massive 1830 euro and this money will be put to very good use in our school. Well done to all who took part and a very big thank you to everyone who supported our walk and sponsored the children.


Active Flag Week 2017

Active Flag Week was a huge success! Thanks so much to everyone who was involved, especially the children who all participated so well. Here are some of the highlights….

Our outdoor disco!


Athletics with Kevin.


Yoga with Helen.


Basketball with Nora.


Our barbecue !


Our beautiful fruit platters!


Fun games with VTOS


Boxing with Thomas and Jessie.

img_1641 img_1636



Active Flag Week 2017 Calendar

Our Active Flag Week will take place from May 29th until June 02nd 2017. We have a very action packed week planned. See our timetable below.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.20am- Active Flag Committee Visit rooms with timetable of events and to discuss activities with each class. Dance with Yvonne


9.30-10.10  Jnr & Snr

10.10-11.00 1st & 2nd

11.10-11.50 3rd & 4th

11.50-12.30 5th & 6th



9.30-10.10  Jnr & Snr 10.10-11.00 1st & 2nd

11.10-11.50 3rd & 4th

11.50-12.30 5th & 6th


Stations manned by VTOS

10.00am – 12.30pm

-see attached


Basketball with Nora

9.30-9.50  Jnr & Snr

9.50-10.10 1st & 2nd

10.10-10.30 3rd & 4th

10.30-11.00 5th & 6th

***Early break & see big lunch times***

10.20  Small break


Breaks as normal


Breaks as normal


Break 11.00-11.20


Fun Swim

11.00-12.00 (bus leaves school at 10.35) Mrs. Byrne & Ms. McCrea

12.00-1.00 (bus leaves school at 11.35)

Ms. Newman & Ms. Fitzgerald


Bouncy Castle Obstacle Course

9.30am-10.15 5th & 6th

10.20-10.50 3rd & 4th

11.15-11.45 Jnr & Snr

11.50-12.30 1st & 2nd



(Demonstration in hall )

10.45pm Junior & Senior

11.10 1st & 2nd

11.40 3rd & 4th

12.10 5th & 6th





Barbeque & Fruit salad


Yoga with Helen

10.30-10.45 jnr & snr

11.15-11.35 1st & 2nd

11.35-11.55 3rd & 4th


5th & 6th


Athletics with Kevin

10.30-10.45 3rd 11.15-11.35 5th & 6th

11.35-11.55 jnr & snr


1st & 2nd


The Surf Shack Demonstration

(in Ms. Byrne’s Room)

1.20pm-1.45pm Junior, Senior, 3rd & 4th

2.00pm-2.35pm 1st, 2nd, 5th & 6th


Teacher’s Activities

1.10pm- 1.50pm



Badminton- Orienteering-




Whole school outside sitting on side line for penalty shootout


Fun Races

·         3 legged

·         Egg & spoon

·         Running

·         Sack

·         Parent’s egg and spoon

·         Teacher’s egg and spoon

Outdoor Disco


(followed by Raffle draw and presentation of certs)



Primary School Marathon

On Wed. 24th May children from 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Class took part in the Primary School Marathon at St. Killians Athletics Club.


Meet Our Active Schools Flag Committee




School Soccer League

Recently, we held a school soccer league.  It was very successful with many children from third class up to sixth class participating during lunch break.  During assembly the winners and the runners up received medals.  It was great fun!

img_0935       img_0936

G.A.A. Coaches

We are delighted to welcome back Declan and Bobby, our G.A.A. coaches who come to teach us G.A.A. skills every Monday. Below is a picture of the Infant classes learning how to improve their balance and coordination.  


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