Junior & Senior Infants

Welcome to our blog page!
We hope you enjoy looking at all of the wonderful work we are doing in our classroom.
Our teacher’s name is Caroline Byrne and our SNA is Martina Hammel.
We are a busy, hardworking class and we love having lots of fun together.
Our class motto is ‘always do your best’.
We love working together and below you will see lots of examples of our daily activities. Enjoy!

We are using the Aistear Curriculum Framework in our classroom. To view our previous play topics and to find out more information about Aistear click here.

  03/03/2017      Teddy Bear Picnic

Today, we went on a bear hunt and afterwards, we had a teddy bear picnic. It was so much fun.

 img_1462                          img_1473

30/03/2017   Baking 

We made rice krispie buns to serve in our cafe.


We had so much fun making them and everyone loved tasting them!


The Cafe

We love our new Aistear play topic this week!  We made menus for our cafe.  We each designed a page for the menu and decided what dishes we would serve in our cafe. 


St. Patrick’s Day

We hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day.  We had a great time learning about St. Patrick and making our St. Patrick’s Day art.




Junior and Senior Infants hosted our school assembly for February.

The theme of our assembly was ‘mindfulness’. We showed all of the children in our school some mindfulness techniques.  We then sang a song and performed a dance for the whole school.  It was very exciting!


At the end of assembly we all received our Literacy Lift Off Certificates from Ms. McCrea.


The Junior Infant children did a fantastic job finding opposites cards and writing these on the individual whiteboards.  We even learned a song called ‘Opposites’.

Literacy Lift Off

We have been working very hard during LLO. We enjoy the lovely new books and moving from station to station.

What a busy morning!! 13.01.17

We have had a very busy morning in the infant room. We learned a new song and dance about patterns and then we made our own patterns by printing different shapes and objects.


During maths, Junior Infants learned all about the number three. We used the whiteboard to perfect our number three. Senior Infants made ‘the story of 7’ using counters. Super work!!


img_0855                                                        img_0858-1



11/01/2016  Motor Skills

We have had a busy morning of doing motor skills activities today. We started with our pilates exercises and then did finger warm ups. We then did lots of pattern work and finished with some penmanship. We all did our best work. Junior Infants are writing their names. Senior Infants are writing a sentence with their name in it. Great work everyone!

10/01/2017       Welcome Back!!!

A very big welcome back to all of the children after the Christmas break. We are all looking forward to a busy and exciting new term ahead. The children are really enjoying our new play topic, ‘The Clothes Shop’.

Here are some of today’s busy customers and shop assistants busy in our clothes shop!


09/12/2016 Snow People!

We made Snow People using old socks, rice, buttons and bits of old materials.


First, we filled the socks with rice. Then, we stuck buttons on the front. We then used material to make a tiny hat and scarf. We think they look amazing!



02/12/2016   Tiddler the Story-telling Fish


Today we read the story of ‘Tiddler the Story-telling Fish’. We talked about ‘tall tales’ and we even made up some of our own tall tales.

For our Visual Arts lesson, we made Tiddler and all of Tiddler’s little fish friends using paper plates and paint.

It was great fun. Some of our friends were absent so we decided to make them a little fish too as a surprise for when they come back to school. Make sure to look at our ‘ocean’ wall outside our classroom.



25/11/2016                 The Hospital

We had a very special visit from a nurse last week who talked to us all about what happens in a hospital. A big thank you to Caroline Harding Kenny for coming in and showing us some of the different medical instruments used by a nurse and doctor. She even showed us how to check our heart beat and she put a sling on some children. We had great fun with our ‘hospital’ play topic and learned a lot! Our class hospital was very busy with doctors, nurses, patients, surgeons and other hospital staff!!




Can you guess what our new play topic is?

11/11/2016  Sorting

We are expert sorters in Junior and Senior Infants. We have been sorting items according to size, colour and shape. 


09.11.2016       We were so busy in ‘The Flower Shop’ today!


06.11.2016       Our New Play Topic!!!

Here is a sneaky peek at our new play topic all set up for tomorrow. Can you guess what our theme is going to be?



Happy Hallowe’en!!

We had a Hallowe’en party to celebrate all of the hard work we have done since September. We wore our Hallowe’en costumes to school and we danced to spooky music. Senior Infants wrote a spooky recipe for a witch’s brew and Junior Infants illustrated it. The next day we made the witch’s brew recipe using green slimy jelly and sweets in the shape of bats, worms and pumpkins. We used chocolate sprinkles as mud!

img_0244      3c870e88-e939-41e3-a4fa-1242fe2ee55f-collage




Is there ‘Room on the Broom’?

We loved our Hallowe’en themed story ‘Room on the Broom’. We learned what an ‘illustrator’ is and what an ‘author’ is. We all pretended to take a turn on the broom. We imagined our broom was even more spectacular than the one in the story. We spotted some of our ‘tricky words’ in the story.



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