June Newsletter

June is always such a lovely month in our school. The fine weather means we have lots of lessons outside in our outdoor classroom and there is always lots of fun activities planned. School has been buzzing with activity this month and there has been a lot of excitement around the school. Below is a snapshot of just some of the amazing things we have been up to!

Logo Development
We have recently completed the process of updating our school logo. We were extremely lucky to be able to work with graphic designer Brian Byrne from Lands. At the start of the process, Brian met with staff for a discovery session where he learned about the school.

He also visited the sixth class children in our outdoor classroom, and discussed the process of logo development with them. He showed the children iconic logos and they learned about hidden meanings in them. This lesson was a huge hit with the children. At the end of the lesson the children shared their views on their school and this helped Brian to get a feel for our school.

Green Schools
This month we have started the process of applying for our next Green Flag- The Water Flag. This is a very exciting and rewarding project. With the beautiful seaside on our doorstep, this flag in particular, is very close to our hearts.

Ms Newman and Mrs Byrne met with Clíona Connolly from Wexford County Council to discuss the process of our application. The newly elected Green Schools Committee members have held their first three meetings and are carrying out a review of our water usage in the school while spreading the importance of not just water conservation but also keeping our water clean and safe. A special thank you to John Doyle from Wexford Water Services, who came to our school each morning to read our water meter and who provided training and great insight to senior committee members also.

We are also reviewing the steps we needed to take previously in order to earn our current Green Flag. 

As part of the initial stages of our application the children from third, fourth and fifth class got to take part in a an amazing Seashore Safari. The first lesson took part virtually via Zoom. The second part of the safari involved a very informative and fun trip to our beautiful Curracloe beach.

Half Zip
A special thank you to all of the Parents’ and Guardians’ Association members who helped us to come up with our extremely cool design for our new half zip. When we surveyed parents and guardians regarding the introduction of our half zip, over 75 percent of parents were in favour of introducing this to the uniform. We decided to make it an optional addition and still keep our school jumper option also. They really showcase our new logo. These are now an optional part of our uniform and will be available to purchase from Hore’s Stores in Wexford before September.

Sixth Class Graduation
It is with great sadness that we wish a fond farewell to our amazing sixth class children. We wish them all the very best with all of their future ventures and hope they all have lots of success and most importantly fun in their new school. When the children treated the staff to a rendition of their beautifully written poem there wasn’t a dry eye amongst the staff. It was a very fitting tribute to our wonderful sixth class to see members of our school community come together to form a guard of honour and clap for them, as they left school for one final time.

Graduation Poem
First day tears with Mrs Burke, ending our careers with Mrs Hilliard
Mr Hackett and his love of PE meant smiles on our faces when it came to 3
Mrs Byrne, Newman, Cloake Doyle, Joan, Martina and Noreen
For all your help over the years we sincerely thank ye!

Every teacher mentioned the phantom chair swinger
We suffered the “death stare” from graduate to beginner
Recall “in with it” cookers and books for free
Here’s Ms McCrea again “What will be your legacy?”

We saw Wicklow Gaol, Wells House, and even went surfin’
But best of all was Clara Lara when Ms McCrea fell in
Ms Newman sorted Communion and confessing of our sin
We’re well prepared for moving on—let new adventures begin

Keep an eye on Ms McCrea if ever there’s a bouncy castle
She takes no prisoners as Ms Newman knows, having dealt with all the hassle
If you ever get in trouble don’t talk back as we know
Farewell to all, we have to go, Together we grew in Curracloe

A big thank you to Seamus Casey who was our GAA coach this term. The children looked forward to Seamus coming every Wednesday and had great fun, while learning great new skills. 

Sports Week
The children took part in a number of fun activities for our Active Week. We played golf, had a fun session with Aine from Blue Zone Fitness, we had a fun dance class with Johnny, we had basketball with Nóra and then we topped off our week with our annual sports day on Friday, where all of the children took part in fun stations and activities.

A special thank you to Rose and Mairéad from our local shops for providing tasty ice-creams to cool us all down after our activities.

Colouring Competition
As part of our logo development we held a school colouring competition.  We asked the children to colour our new logo using their own design. The standard of entries was absolutely excellent. Brian our graphic designer had a hard time picking a winner from each class Brian reproduced a digital version of each class winner and then we picked an overall winner. This helped to further explain the process of how a logo is developed and was very enjoyable. 

Sixth Class School Tour
The sixth class went on their final primary school tour to The Surf Shack where there was lots of fun had by all. It was a great way to finish off their final year here with us in Curracloe National School by going to our beautiful local beach for a fun filled day.

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